AQUIS Black Double Layer Hair Turban - Exclusive

AQUIS Black Double Layer Hair Turban - Exclusive
TILAA AQUIS Black Double Layer Hair Turban - Exclusive netistä
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Minimise drying time with the Aquis Black Double Layer Hair Turban, exclusive to LOOKFANTASTIC. Suitable for all hair lengths and types, this inclusive tool does so much more than dry your hair. Wrapping your hair in protection, this towel cuts drying time by up to 50%, giving you more time to do the things you love. When wet, your hair is extremely vulnerable and prone to damage, making it the most important time to practise proper hair care. By protecting your hair during this fragile stage, the turban combats breakage and minimises frizz.Crafted from new generation Aquitex, the brand’s patented creation, the material wicks moisture away from the hair without damaging it. Carefully woven, the fabric absorbs moisture without creating frizz, no rubbing or heat required. This also enhances the efficiency of your other hair products, as styling creams and hair oils can be absorbed directly by the follicle, rather than diluted by wet strands and moisture. Hair will dry more evenly and quickly, shielding your delicate strands from any damage.While the inner layer helps hair to emerge shinier and feel softer, the outer layer is made from the silkiest charmeuse. This element of the design is a favourite amongst those with coily or kinky hair types, as the material works to combat dreaded bed-head. Simply turn the turban inside out to enjoy the night-time protection offered by sleeping on silk, as cotton pillow covers can cause damage and create frizz through friction. Doubling up as a bonnet, the turban maximises your beauty sleep, helping you to wake up with crisp curls and flawless definition. More secure than a traditional hair scarf, this turban will stay firmly in its place, all night long.Using innovative technology, careful craftsmanship and a reversible design, this turban will make hair styling and management easier than ever.Material: 80% Polyester, 20% Nylon