Ecooking Volume Shampoo 250ml

Ecooking Volume Shampoo 250ml
Kategoriat: Shampoot, Tuuheuttavat
Brand: Ecooking
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Revitalise lacklustre locks with the Ecooking Volume Shampoo. Fuelled by hair loving ingredients, this potent formula uplifts dirt, dead skin cells, excess oil and build-up from the hair without stripping the strands of their essential moisture. Working effortlessly into a rich lather, this soapy formula detoxifies the tresses from root to tip. Infused with both Niacinamide and a mixture of Peptides, this advanced formula reinforces brittle strands to strengthen weak hair. Active Capiguard protects your hair’s colour, keeping your shade rich and vibrant for longer. Also packed with a blend of hydrating ingredients, the formula leaves the hair soft and silky, rather than dry and brittle. As if that wasn’t enough, this shampoo also cloaks the hair with a fresh, floral fragrance that lasts all day long. Transform your tresses with this gentle yet effective formula. Vegan.