Maui Moisture Strength and Anti-Breakage+ Agave Shampoo 385ml

Maui Moisture Strength and Anti-Breakage+ Agave Shampoo 385ml
TILAA Maui Moisture Strength and Anti-Breakage+ Agave Shampoo 385ml netistä
10.45 EUR
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Restore stressed, weak brittle hair back to its former glory with the Agave Shampoo from Maui Moisture’s strengthening and anti-breakage collection. The lightweight shampoo creates a rich, creamy lather that swiftly lifts and removes dead skin cells, excess oil, product build-up and daily impurities from the scalp, roots and lengths to leave your hair refreshed and subtly perfumed. Enriched with Agave, a succulent native to the hot, arid deserts of the Americas with an incredible ability to attract and hold on to water for long periods, the shampoo provides long-lasting hydration to hair damaged by colouring, chemical treatments and frequent heat styling. Quick-absorbing Hibiscus oil, a stable unrefined oil that’s richer in vitamin E than Olive oil, the shampoo helps to improve skin elasticity and bestows a glowing halo of shine. Bursting with vitamin C and antioxidants, Pineapple extract aids in healthy growth and protect against environmental stressors. If you suffer from fragile tresses, start your haircare routine with this repairing shampoo for stronger, shinier and sleeker locks, noticeable even after one wash. Ideal for chemically-damaged hair.