Hjärtligt Detox Schampo 100 ml

Hjärtligt Detox Schampo 100 ml
TILAA Hjärtligt Detox Schampo 100 ml netistä
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Tuotemerkki: Hjärtligt
Koko: 100

A shampoo that cleanses deeply. Suitable for most hair types that need to get rid of styling residue and also oily hair. Detox shampoo effectively cleans all styling products gently without drying or irritating. It is recommended to use 1-2 times / week, or for every wash if you have very oily hair. Shampoo your hair twice with each use. Then apply Hjärtligt Conditioner or Inpackning (hair mask). Gives the feeling of a freshly washed hair for a long time.Produced and developed in Sweden for you and the enironments sake. 100% green and bio-degradable with only green ingredients. Free from: polymers, plastic, parabenes, silicones, mineral oils, artificial colourings, nano particles, hormone interferring substances, citric acid, PEG/PPG etc. 100ml Hjärtligt Detox Schampo 100 ml